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Top Attractions in Sao Paulo Brazil

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Sao Paulo Brazil is a cultural center with many art galleries, bars and dance clubs. It is the most urban part of Brazil and boasts a population of 11 million people.  It is also famous for Centro which is the name given to the downtown district – a bustling financial center that has many banks and is home to the Stock Exchange.  Sao Paulo is a world-class city and is as contemporary and glamorous as the country of Brazil gets.


Sao Paulo is famous for all kinds of music, including blues and the samba but it is especially well known for its jazz music. It has many famous jazz clubs called The Bourbon Street Clubs including The Bourbon Street Music Club and Bien Bien Brasil, which is located in the hip and fashionable neighborhood of Vila Madalena.


There is also a very well known Italian neighborhood in Sao Paulo known as the Bela Vista or Bixiga. It is a wild and colorful residential and cultural area near Centro. It is home to all kinds of hip theaters, bars and discos, many of which are open until four am.  Yet another interesting thing about this neighborhood is that it has many elaborate mansions that are built on hilltop. Many of the city’s best luxury hotels are also located in the Bela Vista neighborhood.


If you are interested in the old styles of dancing such as the meringue, forgo or samba then you want to go to the Som de Cridtal in Centro. Regular performance of Brazilian folk and New Wave styles of dancing are given here. Many professional tango dancers and the like come specifically to Sao Paolo to take lessons in one of its many dance studios.


São Paulo is known for its great variety of restaurants, ranging from Chinese to French, from fast food chains to five star restaurants. A common Sao Paulo attraction are the $3 or rice, beans and meat dishes you can get from street vendors. These make good snacks for hungry tourists on the run to visit the city’s many museums.


However because the city is so Italian in flair it is also known for its fantastic pizzas and specialty gelatos. Good places to go to sample the great pizza of Sao Paulo are the Marco Polo, the Margheritia, Cataloes, Bras and the Camelot. For the best gelato in the world try out Gelateria Parmalat in the neighborhood of Jardim Paulista.



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