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The Best Beaches in Brazil

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If you travel Brazil bring your bathing suit! Brazil boasts some of the very best beaches in the world.  Except for a handful of them in the very southern part of the country they are open all year round for swimming.


From December to February the temperatures in Brazil get very hot (around 40 degrees Celsius).  This is great swimming weather but if you prefer things less toasty then plan on travel Brazil best beaches between March and May and September and November.


Some of the most glamorous beaches in the world are right near Rio de Janeiro. This includes the Copacabana beach, which has bright white sand and huge waves. Also nearby is the swanky Ipanema beach, which is surrounded by chic boutiques and cafes.


If you want to swim at the same beaches that Brigitte Bardot did when she was a big movie star in the sixties then you want to visit Bouzios. Bouzios is a fishing village twenty-two kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro that boasts 22 beachfronts.


If you want to play on a tropical beach then Costa Verda is the piece of coastline for you. This southern region features lush forest that meets the shores of the Atlantic along with trendy boutiques and cafes.


A very unusual beach, called the Garden beach by the locals exists about 45 miles south of Sao Paulo. The Santos Beach Gardens boasts a four-mile stretch of gardens.


If you want to see dolphins then you will want to go to the beach in the “city of the sun.” In Natal, in the Rio Grande state, the city sees 300 days of sunshine of year and some of the highest surf of all of the beaches in Brazil.


One of the best beaches for windsurfing in Brazil is Jericoacoara This beach is also known for its spectacular sand dunes; view of sunsets and nearby equestrian clubs.


One thing to remember about all Brazilian beaches is that they are located on the Atlantic Ocean. This means the water can be cold at times and that it can be rough. Be sure to swim when there is a lifeguard or beach patrol on duty especially if you don’t know the beach well as steep drop offs beneath the water are also common in Brazilian beaches.  Never swim in waters that are not identified as beaches as the Atlantic Ocean can have a very strong current.


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