May 27

The Top Six Brazil Hotels

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Planning on visiting Brazil in style? Here is a rundown of the top six most expensive luxury Brazil Hotels.


Perhaps one of the most famous hotels in the world is the Copacabana Palace Hotel, which located across from the famous Copacabana beach (that is also featured in the popular song by Barry Manilow. It’s five star Italian Restaurant and semi-Olympic sized outdoor pool has seen many presidents, kings and queens over the years.  The rooms have Internet and direct-dial telephones which can be a bit of luxury in Rio de Janeiro.


Another famous hotel in Rio de Janeiro is the Hotel Fasano that is situated on the beautiful sands of the Ipanema beach. It is known for its retro sixties art and furniture and full service spa.


The Fasano hotel chain is well known for excellence in Brazil and there is an incredible post modern crossed with Art Deco hotel in Sao Paolo known as the Hotel Fasano Sao Paulo. It is a very cotemporary hotel and is home to the jazz bar “Baretto” which is considered to be one of the most beautiful bars in the world. It also has rare armchairs designed by Hans Wegner, Ofuro baths and stunning views.


If you are looking for the a truly exclusive resort you might want to check out the Casa Grande Hotel Resort and Spa which is located on the beautiful Guaruja Island off of the Brazilian coast.  This charming Colonial beachfront hotel sits on bright white sands just 44 miles away from bustling Sao Paulo.  It is home to a very famous Thai restaurant and offers full service therapeutic and aesthetic treatments.


In Salvador the place to see and be seen is the Convento do Carmo Hotel which is a converted convent from the sixteenth century complete with colonial furniture and antique works of art. It has an on-site fitness center and a glamorous outdoor pool.


If you want to stay in a contemporary hotel that mimics the kind of décor you would find in Canada or the U.S. then try the Hotel Emiliano in Sao Paulo. It is completely twentieth century and houses a full service spa.


You don’t have to stay in these expensive five star hotels to be treated well in Sao Paulo or any other Brazilian city. Many of the hotels with just two or three stars are still first rate, are on the beach and also have pools and Internet connections.

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