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August 4, 2013

The Cuisine of Monterey County

As the food from the nearby Salinas Valley is so fresh and so is the seafood, Monterey County is a food-lover’s paradise. Furthermore the county is known for it’s ethical organic growers as well as its numerous vineyards along the coastline and in the hills near Salinas along Highway 101


There are scores of very highly Zagat rated restaurants along the coast of Big Sur that offer wonderful views of the ocean along with great seafood.  These cliff-sitting restaurants offer delicious fare such as artichoke ravioli, roasted rabbit, organic rib-eye stake and creamed Diver Scallops.


Pacific Grove is also known for it’s fine cuisine and in particular, it’s wonderful seafood restaurants.  Many of the restaurants in Pacific Grove are quite tony and cater to the rich and famous in the area. Food is prepared with calories, nutrition and creativity in mind.  Organic prime steaks, fowl and lamb shanks are on this type of menu along with creatively done vegetables like asparagus fries and oyster salad.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is also a food Mecca that used to be a bohemian paradise. The food here is more European inspired and features Italian, French and Mediterrean fare alongside Mexican and Spanish influenced foods.


Spa food is very popular in Carmel Valley, which is famous for it’s very healthy, calorie-wise Cal-French cuisine. These five star spas serve up such delights as sweet corn succotash served with black truffle vinaigrette, rabbit loin with onions and apple and lamb stew with morel mushrooms and garlic.

On the cheaper side, Carmel and the surrounding area is also very famous for it’s gourmet pizza made with fresh vegetarian ingredients.  There are also many affordable oyster and wine bars in the area.


Moss Landing is one of the most famous destinations for fresh seafood in the country. It is a favorite haunt of Iron Chef star Bobby Flay.  The place is actually an old wharf that combines restaurants and seafood shops with antique shops and art studios.  This old wharf has been around since 1866.


Salinas has one of the largest Chinese populations in the country so it is not surprising that it is home to so many wonderful Chinese restaurants.  Seafood prepared in black-bean and ginger sauces and loaded with plenty of garlic are a specialty in this city.


Wine tasting is also very much where it is at in this California County and you can find wine-tasting rooms in most malls, hotels and along shopping board-walks near the sea. You can also take scenic wine tours by bus to winery after winery in the hills and valleys near Salinas.

August 1, 2013

Golfing in Moneterey County

Monterey is an aging community, but it is also a rich and health-conscious community. Therefore it is not surprising that there are so many amazing golf courses in the area.


In the city of Monterey it there is a beautiful little 18 whole course with over 5,554 yards called the Monterey Pines Golf Course. You can pay golf right by the beautiful green waters of Monterey Bay. Another Oceanside course in Monterey is the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch that has 18 holes and boasts a par of 71.

Golfing in Monterey, Pebble Beach and Big Sur can be expensive because these are very wealthy communities. If you are looking for an affordable course near Monterey then the public goes to the Del Monte Golf Course.  Aside from being cheaper it also boasts the distinction of being the oldest golf-course to be established west of the Mississippi what with being founded in 1897.


A well-known 18-hole course on Pebble Beach is the Pebble Beach Golf Links course that is built on 6.828 of rye grass.  Jack Nicklaus, Douglas Grant and Jack Neville helped design this course which first opened in 1919. It is an incredible place filled with ponds and a spectacular view of both the ocean and the mountains. It is located just of the well-known  17-Mile Drive and is a favorite haunt of many celebrities.  The course is beautifully landscaped with natural rock forms, tall grass, short grasses and lone pine trees.


In Poppy Hills, a suburb of Pebble Beach there is a ritzy little 18 whole course that has many slopes and ponds. It is also a golf-ball’s throw away from the white sands of the beach.


Caramel is home to a very famous five star-rated golf course called The Preserve Golf Club Preserve Course that has 7,076 yards and 18 holes over bent grass.

Pacific Grove also has a very beautiful 18 whole golf course called the Pacific Grove Golf Course that has a high slope rating of 118 on Kikyu grass. It was designed by H. Chandler in 1932 and is one of those vintage celebrity golf courses that the county of Monterey is so famous for.


The city of Salinas has a rare shorter golf course with only 9 holes over 3,535 yards with a par of 31. If a quick game of golf is what you want then this is the course for you.  However if you a prefer a longer game there is the Salinas Fairways  Golf Course and the Salinas Golf and Country Club Course. Both are located about twenty miles outside of the city.