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June 17, 2013

Great Michigan Bed and Breakfasts

There are over two hundred bed and breakfasts in both the rural and urban areas of this gorgeous Great Lake state of Michigan. You won’t be short of cozy, architecturally unique places to stay. If you like mission style furniture, antique tiffany lamps and cozy quilts then you are going to love a little stay in this relaxing natural and pastoral state.


Michigan is full of elegant inns bed and breakfasts, many of them historical gems that are located in the smaller towns around the ski resorts or on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Typical is the Hotel Frankfort which is a 150-year old bed and breakfast located in Beulah or the Victorian Villa Bed and Breakfast in Union City. If there is anything that Michigan bed and breakfasts are prized for it is their quaint architecture which is often referred to as being “gingerbread Victorian” in style.  Some of the architecture in Michigan small towns goes back as far in time as the late 1700s when America was first being settled.


Most Michigan bed and breakfasts are open year round and offer swimming and other beach sports in the summer, skiing and sleigh rides in the winter and antique hunting and fishing all year round. In fact a cozy Michigan bed and breakfast complete with roaring fire and four poster bed might be exactly what you want to return to after a frosty day spent in an ice hut on the lake.


Union city is a popular destination in central southwest Michigan as it is home to several dinner theaters and special Christmas Dinners (featuring Christmas Goose) that take place during the holidays. If you ever wanted to enjoy Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner just like the folks in the famous Norman Rockwell paintings then you must experience a trip to an inn in Michigan.


. There are also several dinner theaters in the region. Union City is also near Kalamazoo Michigan which is home of the National Aviation Museum. Allen Michigan which is known as the state’s antique capital and features over 300 stores that can be browsed for treasures.


Southwest Michigan also offers many bed and breakfast treasures including Carriage House at the Harbor which is the state’s only 4 A rated bed and breakfast. This Michigan bed and breakfast is located, along with scores of others in South Haven, which is home to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.

June 15, 2013

Bed and Breakfasts in Texas

No matter where you travel in Texas, which is a dramatic mix of scenes from the Wild West complete with cowboys roping horses and oil wells and glassy modern cities, you are bound to find a bed and breakfast with a charming and gregarious host or hostess. This is true whether you are staying in one of the more modern Texas B & B’s among the glass towers of a big cultural and business hub like Houston.


You might also want to plan to do a little fly-fishing on the Galveston coast (where all of the bed and breakfasts are located across the highway from the beach) This recreational area is also a boon for fisherman and nature lovers. Fredericksburg, Texas is an outstanding spot for sportsmen to find year-round opportunities to hunt native and exotic species of animals and has dozens of Texas bed and breakfasts that cater to sportsmen. At these places, many of which are institutions in the area, you can expect see to see a few oversized flying fish on the wall.


If you decide to stay in Houston make sure you take a visit to the space station, which is the home of the United States Space Shuttle. Houston is also famous for its five star fusion cuisines as well its trendy boutiques and artistic sidewalk café scene.  Most of Houston’s bed and breakfasts and little motels are located in this artsy district.


Yet another great place to stay in a Texas bed and breakfast is Dallas, the home of J.R. Ewing and the gang. Dallas hosts numerous million-dollar companies and is a city hat offers some of the worlds most sought after shopping.  If you stay in a bed and breakfast here expect some giant flapjacks to be on your place in the morning. You can find  BedAndBreakfast discount codes at DiscountStorm.com to save some money.


The only thing grander than the huge size of Texas is its cultural diversity. People from all over the globe have settled here through the centuries, weaving a rich tapestry of traditions and art forms. Culturally you will see this reflected in the state’s cuisine, which ranges from Cajun Creole to European to cowboy style.


No matter where you stay in Texas you are likely to be impressed by the “breakfast” part of the Texas BedAndBreakfast experience. Aside from providing the usual tea and crumpets you are likely to find everything from steaks, to pancakes to pork and beans served up to you in the morning.