May 03

Think of Travelling to Peru

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When people think about going on a vacation they rarely think about going to Peru.  It is understandable since its geographical location is not that suitable for a vacation get away. It is located on the far western side of the South American continent which is rather far from where most of the population on that continent lives The remote aspect of the country is why Peru is not visited as often as Brazil and Argentina.


Peru is also sometimes seen as a poor country, too poor to have the kind of amenities that might have hotels with great amenities. The truth is they do have these luxury hotels. However, like many places in South America there is a huge divide between the rich and the poor.  However it is true that a third of the population lives before the poverty line.


One of the greatest reasons to visit is to explore the country’s rich ancient culture known as the Inca. Although this can be a troubled country, the citizens themselves are helpful, peaceful and very friendly.  There will always be a Peruvian hand to help you for free or very, very cheaply as most people there are desperate for money or just simply kind.


This natural beauty and indigenous healthy food in the area makes this a wonderful place to chill out and relax.  It can be very hot so do not expect life to be too demanding during the day. The slack lifestyle shouldn’t be a problem if you just want to relax.


The best time to go to Peru is during a time when it is not busy. The June to August months are the busiest months because that is when there are a lot of festivals held. It would be very nice if you go to Peru during the cold month of December


Even thought the country is small, its places are diverse because of the many influences by other neighboring countries.  The weather can be a bit fickle.  Be sure to pack both light and very warm clothes, as it is hot during the day and cold at night.


If you love nature and want a “green vacation” Peru is a good place to go.  There are guides called  ‘pagos a ala tierra’ who spend most of their time advocating for the preservation of Mother Earth. So, if want to do a good deed, pay to go onto one of the many celebrated nature walks in the country.

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